OSWALD is a story about Lee Harvey Oswald, told through the eyes of his now elderly widowed wife, Marina. One side of the story will follow a troubled youth caught up in an impossible situation, which will ultimately lead to the conspiracy theories many believe to this day. On the other side, the audience will watch a cold-blooded killer, driven mad by his unrelenting need to be remembered. Faced with a lifetime of unanswered questions, and a box full of buried memories, the past is divided, and the truths of one unwilling survivor’s past tests what it means to live with the name “OSWALD”.

Merrilee Mannerly – A Magnificent New Musical is a fun and energetic new musical based on the Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book by Mary Cashman and Cynthia Whipple. With lively music, dancing and lots of laughs, Merrilee Mannerly reminds us all that “Good Manners are Always in Fashion.”

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Mr. Rickey Calls a Meeting represents a time in history well worth remembering. A time when Branch Rickey, the manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was deciding the fate of Jackie Robinson’s role in the Major Leagues.